It's a first-person roguelite with a focus on melee combat and loot. Now for some vague copy followed by a list of features:

You have been imprisoned and left to rot in the depths of Slasher's Keep, a frightful construct towering above the forgotten forest in the remotest wilds of Ool. As rulers came and went the keep remained the final destination for the nation's most undesirable elements. Many a scoundrel has tried and failed to escape its dungeons, perilous as they are. Will you share their fate, or will you overcome the challenges ahead involving the features below?

  • randomly generated levels
  • various traps to trigger and secrets to find
  • randomly generated items granting you stats and abilities
  • dynamic melee combat with different swings and thrusts, as well as precise parrying
  • smacking of enemies into spikes and chasms with your inventory sack
  • various types of enemies with different abilities
  • various types of magic wands for ranged combat
  • two playable characters to choose from with more to unlock
  • a drag-and-drop based crafting system
  • cartoon graphics made up of cel-shaded models and hand-drawn sprites

  • Get a new dungeon after dying and grow stronger with each run!
The game will remain a PC exclusive for now. It has passed through its Early Access period and the full version is now available on Steam. Here's the logo for your journalizing needs.

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