Slasher's Keep is a first-person dungeon crawling game with

  • randomly generated levels
  • various traps to trigger and secrets to find
  • randomly generated items granting you stats and abilities
  • dynamic melee combat with different swings and thrusts, as well as precise parrying
  • smacking enemies into spikes with your inventory sack
  • various types of enemies with different abilities
  • various types of magic wands for ranged combat
  • two playable characters to choose from with more to unlock
  • a drag-and-drop based crafting system
  • cartoon graphics made up of cel-shaded models, hand-drawn sprites and even some procedural animation
  • optional permadeath
The game will remain a PC exclusive for now. As for the release date, I don't know, man. It will be coming to Steam though, I can tell you that much. Also, here's the logo for your journalizing needs.

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